Demand Generation Services

Drive targeted and qualified traffic for your sales team

Shantee Technologies is a B2B demand generation company. We offer great opportunities for organizations – it charts new business territories for revenue enablement. However, adopting it is a strategic endeavor. Marketers often find themselves at crossroads in vicious cycles of defending budgets, balancing resources, rationalizing technologies, and improving alignment between sales & marketing functions.

They primarily struggle to deliver consistent messaging, identify prospects, illuminate insights, and speed up sales. Our experts have a highly experienced and accountable team that works with you to increase your return on ad spend, build a healthy sales pipeline, and crush your revenue targets.

Our demand generation services are designed to kick start a stronger sales funnel, provide sales-ready leads, shorten sales cycle, and improve conversion rates for greater revenue enablement. In the B2B landscape, Shantee Technologies has proven competency in driving digital transformation, SMB penetration, cloud adoption, partner management, customer retention, revenue maximization and more.

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Demand Generation Consultants That Get Results

We operate an account-based outreach service, using human intelligence to give you the results you crave. Our aim is always to make a difference to the bottom line that you can measure, quantifying the ROI you receive. Once a strong list of contacts has been created, we can work with you to set up appointments with your sales team, follow-up with those who haven’t got back to you and make sure that the potential of each contact is fully explored.

We’re experts at B2B Demand Generation

Our aim is to help you deliver strategic marketing programs and build a profitable B2B approach for new customer acquisition.

Our Approach in Demand Generation


Analyze your business requirements diligently to design a business development program.


Develop an Account Based Outreach Program to gather the best information for your range of sources.


We analyze the research that delivers quality leads and helps you to meet your aggressive sales goals.


We establish a sales process that grow your pipeline with qualified prospects that actually close.


We further provide you amplified information to ensure you gain competitive edge in the long run.