Data Processing Services

We offer comprehensive data processing solutions for all your marketing needs

Shantee Technologies is the worldwide provider of data processing services to our clients and helps them to reduce the cost and increase their profit without compromising quality and excellence. Our data processing services are flexible, affordable, and reliable to suit every business.

data processing

We raise your data to the highest standard, whilst your company employees can concentrate on other work. We have dedicated quality and assurance team to ensure quality and excellence.

Our offerings in data processing includes

Data Aggregation

Collecting data from public sources and delivering it according to client defined formats.

Data Collection and Update

Collecting and combining information from the web and other sources based on business-specific requirements

Data Enrichment

Refining and improving existing data to give your business a winning edge

Data Enhancement

Updating your existing database to make it current and increase the value of customer data

Data Verification

Verifying and cross-referencing to ensure you have up-to-date, accurate and complete information that can offer comprehensive visibility into key business and consumer attributes

Data Validation/Cleansing

Evaluating data, checking the accuracy and removing duplicates to ensure your data is clean and validated and ready for any kind of analytics

Data Monitoring

Continuous monitoring of various sites on a regular basis gives you complete visibility into and access to information you need for business improvement

Data Normalization

Improving data integrity by converting and standardizing the existing data into client specific formats.

Why data processing is Important?

Data processing services are important because it helps marketers to meet their unique business requirements in cost-effective manner. Some of the benefits include:

Enhanced Outreach

Grow business by reaching out to people who are most likely to respond to your message.

Technology Tracking

Target professionals based on the technologies or software they use.

Lower Marketing costs

Save money by marketing only to the people that are a perfect fit for your business.

Increase in ROI

Experience increase in ROI through highly targeted direct mail communications.


More than 95% accuracy data that helps you to find profitable opportunity.

Quality Prospects

Access to selected leads that have a higher propensity to get converted.