Data Management Services

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Shantee Technologies offer comprehensive data management services which include data optimization activities such as matching and Deduplication resulting in precise master targets, normalization to improve scoring accuracy, validation based on custom logic, enrichment of existing data and discovering new contacts and creating a subscription center that enables prospects and customers to self-manage opt-in preferences.

Our abilities in Data Management Services

Data Management Services

Data Digitalization

Want to convert your traditional setup into a digital one, quickly? Data digitalization services in India can ensure a smooth transition. Many organizations and start-ups have leveraged data digitalization services for converting their old and decrepitude menu, offering, and literature into e-format.

Back office process outsourcing service providers are leveraging a set of highly-proficient technology backed by professional experts to ensure easier, faster, and accurate digitalization of existing documents.

A digitalized data is easily applicable and operational; businesses can run varied sorts of the algorithm on these data sets to identify patterns or to highlight the most valued propositions.

Data Enrichment

Planning to take your traditional business online? Worried about converting your hundreds of files into an operational format? Well, our data enrichment services are designed to assist traditional organizations in converting raw files into digital formats. With our back-office process services, companies can swiftly transit from an offline business to a thriving digital corporation.

Our services play an instrumental role in helping businesses compound on the collected data. With data stored in a digital format, organizations can quickly run algorithms on them and garner benefits that put them ahead of their competitors, almost instantly.

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Data Conversion

Well, the global economy is surely becoming data-driven. While data is incredibly important for business growth but not all data. Unprocessed information is nothing more than scrap. It is only the well-sorted, processed, and analyzed data that caters to the growth of a company.

Data conversion services focus on helping enterprises convert their heaps of raw data into an array of valuable information. With data conversion services, businesses can fasten up their varied processes and empower their stakeholders with improved decision-making capabilities.

Key Benefits of Outsourcing Data Management Services to Us

Some of the key benefits that you avail, when you outsource data management services to us include:

Get Ahead of Your Competition

If you are running a traditional organization, data management services can put your enterprise miles ahead of its contemporaries. With the changing dynamics of the global economy, digital is the future. Jump on the bandwagon today to ensure the smooth and wealthier future of your organization.

Cost Savings and Quick ROI

Maintaining a data management services team in-house can increase operational cost and business overhead. Alternatively, you can outsource data management services to Shantee Technologies at a fraction of operational cost and reduce business overhead.

End to End solution

When you outsource data management services needs to us, you will receive expert assistance through all stages of our services.


With professional data management services in Worldwide, organizations can be sure that the processed data is going to be free of errors. The use of the latest methodology and technology allows these outsourcing companies to maintain high-accuracy in everything they do.

Customer Services

Our data management services team works 24 hours a day and 7 days a week. You will be able to get in touch with our experts round the clock and get expert assistance.