Company Profiling Services

Gain Competitive Advantage With Our Company Profiling Services

Shantee Technologies offers comprehensive company profiling services for businesses in a range of industries. The data gathered in these profiles allow you to better understand not only your own company but that of your competitor, including their prospects, customers, competitors, suppliers, sales teams, marketing professionals and decision-makers.

By using the data gathered in these profile industry reports, you can find new business opportunities more rapidly, plan new marketing campaigns, track trends in your field, prepare new forecasts for sales, and collect financial data and social information about your company. We make all of this possible and can greatly reduce the amount you pay for such business intelligence with our professional team of offshore experts.

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Purpose of Conducting Company Profiling

  • Company profiling services enables a company to adopt appropriately targeted marketing and sales action.
  • Create better services as per the knowledge of real requirements.
  • Create productive and sustained relationships with valued customers.
  • Generate leads at lower costs.
  • Showcase one’s capabilities to key customers, investors, and others.
  • Understand the key strategies and business areas of other companies of interest.

Our offerings in Company Profiling

Competitor Profiling

We create in-depth profiles on any company's competitors in a number-based, factual manner. These reports include data on their strategies, facilities, staff, finances, background, markets and products.

Competitive Analysis

Discovering competitors and analyzing their strategies is vital to maintaining a competitive edge. We helps you to understand the strengths and weaknesses of your business about others, either in the current market or in a hypothetical market.

Growth Strategies

We report back on your competitor's al standards, with a specific focus on growth strategies including media, expansion plans, philanthropy, migration, employee numbers, and various other relevant factors.

Supply Chain Management

Our team analyses the supply chains of specific businesses to understand their process more completely. Our data include vendors, suppliers, logistics, and point of sale, distributors, technology, manufacturing plants, infrastructure, and connected analysis.

Market Positioning

Our team analyses your company's position, making sense of the market needs and the way companies react. Our reports include analysis of target markets, brand image, value proposition, tactics, USPs and market strategies.

Key Contacts

Our team creates key contact reports including executive profiles, resellers, branding specialists, communication analysis, strategists, and team members.


Shanttech studies pertinent corporate records and historical figures to generate detailed financial profiles on competitors.